Show your colours with statement tableware

We all want to have a home that’s the perfect reflection of our sense of style, with our personality shining through in every room and in every décor choice we make. The tableware you choose can be just as much a reflection as anything else, and if you really want to show your true colours then choosing statement pieces would be ideal.

Here at Denby we know how much of an impact the right dinner collections can make, and with our extensive range of options we’re confident there’ll be something for everyone. Variety is the spice of life and bright colours can make things even spicier, so why not take a look around and see what appeals? Our Amethyst range with stunning purple accents is deeply decadent and would be the perfect addition to your table, or you might prefer Praline with its seductively dark tones and rich textures. Denby Azure has hints of the Mediterranean or our Imperial Blue range will deliver an intense hit of colour to really set your table alight—whatever your look or whatever your style, we’ll have something to suit.

With so many collections to choose from you’ll have no problem letting your true colours shine through, with our pieces being the perfect addition to any table necessary. You’ll be able to create the ultimate look so your table becomes the focal point of the room, and if you want to make a statement just take a look around and you’ll soon find something that perfectly suits your personality.

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