Blogging Bride: Get Creative

I love to think of myself as a creative person, but usually when it boils down to it the ideas don’t tend to flow as gushingly as anticipated.  I do get the odd ‘light bulb’ moment, but the problem arises when it comes time to remember that moment of brilliance at a later date.

My Mum’s golden words of advice have always been “write things down” – the issue with this however is blindingly obvious; I can’t even get as far as to remember that the thing I need to remember needs noting down!  All things said though, I have improved – it’s really just a case of getting habitual about it.

My Booky Wook

Post-Its are my downfall.  At work they litter my desk and I’m forever forcing myself to write a proper list in my nice A4 (neglected) notepad.  At the bottom of my bag they lurk, crumpled into a ball.  When it comes to planning our wedding though, I am operating a ‘no Post-It’ policy.

If I need to make a note or a reminder about the wedding, it goes in my specially apportioned BOOK.  My lovely book, made of recycled paper and recycled leather, was a kind gift from my previous employers

I would heartily recommend getting such a book – not just so you can cut out and stick in pretty pictures from magazines and doodle designs of your ‘Save the Date’ cards until your heart’s content – but also because it’s giving me massive peace of mind. I know all my bits and pieces are in there and not strewn around on tatty squares of slightly adhesive pale yellow paper.

It’s a bit sad I know, but I’m absolutely determined to minimise stress in any which way I can, and to me, this is one small step.

Save the Date

We decided very early on that we wanted to make our stationery ourselves.  I for one love to receive something home or handmade and I like to think that there’s a bit of creativity in everyone, in one way or another, which I hope means they’ll enjoy our efforts.

We’ve decided to send ‘Save the Date’ cards out for 2 reasons.  Firstly, because I am uncontrollably paranoid that unless we get the date instilled into our guests’ psyches very early on, someone will forget and not be able to come, and secondly because I literally cannot wait to get making.  Remind me of my naïve excitement when we’re drowning in printing ink and sick of the sight of C6 envelopes!

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Comments (6) | Permalink


  1. Sarah
    Posted August 5, 2010 at 2:53 pm | Permalink

    My name’s Sarah and my fiancé Pete and I are now 17 weeks away from our big day. I’m starting to feel the pressure already and my ‘to do’ lists are beginning to keep me awake at night. It seems to be one thing after another to organise, phone call after phone call, transaction after transaction and although part of me is so excited the for day to arrive (I don’t want to sound completely negative here), part of me feels anxious about actually being able to pull it off and slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of the whole day being centred around us – aaaagggggggghhhh!

    • Becky
      Posted August 9, 2010 at 7:27 pm | Permalink

      Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it’s really nice to get a response to my garbled writings – I expect I’ll be feeling exactly the same as you nearer the time!
      I wondered if there’s any part of the planning in particular that’s causing more anxiety than another?! I’m hoping to glean as much expert info from fellow brides-to-be as possible.

  2. Vivienne
    Posted August 10, 2010 at 12:44 pm | Permalink

    Hi Sarah – I’m not one for being centre of attention either but it will be the last thing on your mind on the day! Everything just comes together and all the things you were anxious about before don’t even enter your head. You’ll be too busy smiling and catching up with friends and family. Let us know how your countdown goes.

  3. Sarah
    Posted August 10, 2010 at 2:45 pm | Permalink

    Hi both,
    Thanks for the advice Vivienne, I’m sure you’re right and that all my worries will fade away once I step into my wonderful dress!

    Becky – I too have taken to writing EVERYTHING down. A good tip from me is to always have a little pad and pen in your bedside drawer for those lightbulb moments as you’re trying to get to sleep at night – a good way to avoid wedding insomnia!

    In answer to your question, I wouldn’t say I feel anxious about any part of the planning in particular, it’s more of a general ‘what if I forget something’ kind of anxiousness. But my advice would be to plan in all the bigger things first like venue, catering, photographer, entertainment etc and then fill in the gaps with the more minor detail. Make ‘to do’ lists in categories – i.e. venue/caterer/stationery etc. May sound laborious, but it’s a sure way to ensure you don’t miss anything.

    Despite the worry, I have to say I’m really enjoying seeing things come together and I’m getting more and more excited about the big day.

    By the way, we still haven’t sent out the invites – I may have changed my mind on the design!! (Fortunately I have a very patient fiancé!).

  4. angie walters
    Posted August 12, 2010 at 1:15 pm | Permalink

    Hi Becky, my name’s Angie. My big day is due to be on September 17 2011 and I was sooooo paranoid I wouldn’t be able to find anything I wanted. I have a special book with lists and prices and deposits people want, Mark calls me Monica after the character in Friends!

    But the thing is, if we don’t behave like this, then I very much doubt things would get done, and let’s be honest, it gives us a sense of calmness to know that we can’t possibly have forgotten anything because WE are organinsing it and not them!

    Save the date cards are a must aren’t they, get the date stamped on peoples memories because no matter whether your organising a small birthday party or a wedding, you are always scared no one will turn up….!

    Ive pretty much had to choose everything, all my partner wanted was a promised hog roast, and that we could use his car as the wedding car. Its hard because he’s so laid back I can choose everything myself, I then find myself worrying he won’t like any of it on the day.

    I hope the rest of your planning goes well and I look forward to the next blog post :)

    • Becky
      Posted August 20, 2010 at 2:19 pm | Permalink

      Thanks for your comments Angie – good to know I’m not the only bride-to-be who is getting a little neurotic already! Nothing wrong with a little neuroses though I say, if you want it to be just so. I am trying to limit it to a little bit though.
      Hope you enjoy my next posts.
      ps. if your partner won’t choose things with you then it’s tough luck if he doesn’t like them! I’m sure he will appreciate all the work you’ve put in when it all comes together.

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