Meet the team…

We’d like you all to get to know us a little bit better here at Denby. So over the next few months we’re going to be introducing you to a number of different teams, who they are and what they do to make Denby so special.


First of all, we’d like you to meet our Design team. This is where a new Denby product starts its life, including the design and development of unique shapes, colours and patterns. Between the team of 12 people, they have 162 years experience and 12 specialist ceramics degrees!

Richard Eaton, Design Director, heads up the team and has been with Denby for 23 years. Some of Richard’s most well known designs include Harlequin and the shape of Marrakesh and Baroque. Richard’s role is to map out all the new products we will be launching over the next three years. Sarah Heaton, Design Manager, whose designs include the distinctive Halo and the shape of Truffle and Oyster, supports Richard in delivering this plan.

Throwing some shapes

Gary and Tom design all our unique shapes. From the curvaceous Halo to the edgy Grace (and our top secret new shape), they use a combination of computer aided design and a fantastic model making machine to make line drawings come alive.

What’s on trend

Sue, Nic and Katy sift through trends in fashion and the home to create the palette of bold, striking designs that adorn our shapes. To find the perfect new design, they hand paint pieces to trial different colours and patterns.

Making it real

Denise, Lisa, Sarah, Emily and Kevin provide technical support to the Designers. Once the Designers have refined their designs, the team carry out the technical development (the complicated bit!) before handing over to the Production teams.   

The Design Studio

We have a fantastic Design Studio that combines traditional and contemporary pottery design techniques, from Macs to potter’s wheels. The studio is also home to a functioning contemporary kitchen (complete with Smeg and Nespresso machine!). The kitchen is used to test the functionality of all our items; does the teapot pour correctly, do the cereal bowls hold two Weetabix, do lasagne sheets fit in the lasagne dishes, are the mugs comfy to hold and easy to drink from…and the list goes on until we are all happy that they all do what they are supposed to!

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