Everything You Need to Become a Great Cook

Cookery shows have always been popular, but a recent resurgence of the format with shows such as ‘Come Dine With Me’ making their way to primetime Friday and Saturday night viewing has inspired cooks in homes across the nation. People are moving towards being more adventurous in the kitchen, trying new dishes, buying ingredients they’ve never bought before, and needing accessories, utensils and equipment which they may never have thought or known about previously.

As well as our popular ranges of stoneware, dinner services and cookware, we also have a great range of accessories, cutlery and our popular collection of Denby bakeware, meaning you’ll have everything you need to get started on those new culinary creations.

Getting the Most out of Your Bakeware

Our bakeware range is extensive and has everything you need for whipping up some tasty cakes and treats. Even if you’ve not got a sweet tooth, remember that the bakeware range isn’t just for making cakes. We also have Yorkshire pudding trays, roasting trays and baking sheets, but even round and loaf cake tins can be used for making fantastic savoury dishes too. A loaf tin comes in particularly handy for making pâté or terrines, as well as savoury cakes.

Silicone bakeware is also extremely popular these days, and despite being famous for our stoneware, we have also expanded into this range. Easy to clean and store, it doesn’t need any oil or greasing to make it non-stick, making it a healthier option for calorie-conscious cooks. It can be used in the oven, freezer and microwave, meaning it’s extremely versatile, and its flexible nature makes it a better option for those who struggle to get their creations out of the tin or dish! It’s a fantastic option for cooking with children too, if you want to pass your newfound love of cookery on to them.

Make Sure You Have the Right Utensils

As well as cookware, bakeware and other dishes, you also need a whole host of utensils to become a good and varied cook. A good block of knives will get you far, as will different kinds of spoons (slotted, wooden, a ladle, etc.). You will probably find a whisk and a pair of tongs useful, as well as a tin opener, vegetable peeler, rolling pin, grater and corkscrew.  Invest in a good chopping board, which will protect your work surfaces and also make the kitchen much easier to clean and keep hygienic. Glass worktop savers are fantastic for this, and add a lovely bright touch to your kitchen too.

As well as cooking, you’ll also need to have all the right accessories for serving and presenting your food. A dinner service and cutlery goes without saying, but you’ll also want serving dishes and spoons, place mats and coasters, and a nice tablecloth and napkins. You’ll be able to find many items to match your chosen dinner service on our website, allowing you to have a perfectly presented dinner table to go with your perfectly cooked dinner!

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