Which material is right for me?

Everyone wants to have a dinner collection that meets their every requirement, but there’s more to choosing your set than design alone. The longevity and performance of dinnerware all depends on the materials used to make it—choose poorly and you’ll be left with plates, bowls and dishes that will fail to live up to your high standards, and the material that’s right for you will often come down to a combination of personal preferences and practical considerations.

Popular materials to choose from

PORCELAIN: Porcelain is incredibly hardwearing, with its strength making it the preferred choice of material for a lot of people. It’s formed by applying a large amount of heat to the raw material (usually clay) with its strength being the result of the glass and mineral mullite formed by the high temperatures, giving it exceptional durability and a white, translucent appearance.

STONEWARE: This material is similar in strength to porcelain, being incredibly tough and impermeable even without a glaze. It’s less opaque than porcelain and can come in a range of textures and colours depending on the impurities present in the clay, with modern incarnations being fully vitrified (made to be glassy and non-porous) for added durability, strength and chip resistance.

CHINA: Bone china is incredibly hard and has a bright white appearance, giving it a kind of elegance that no other material can match. It may be refined but it’s still just as usable as anything else, with the right glaze adding an extra layer of toughness and durability.

Any one of these materials could be perfect depending on your individual tastes and preferences, with china, for example, being much more delicate in style than its stone counterpart and therefore often preferred in fine dining situations. But, it’s important to remember that all of these materials can be coloured and glazed to come in a huge array of different designs, ensuring there’ll be something for everyone no matter what the occasion or your sense of style may be.

Find your perfect dinnerware sets right here

No matter what material you’re looking for, when you come to us here at Denby you can be confident in getting products of exceptional quality and durability. We’re confident that our products will meet your every requirement to offer the perfect dinner set for modern living—everything in our range is completely dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe, even our exquisite china range, so you needn’t worry about getting products that can’t cope with the pressures of everyday life.

Our harder-than-steel glazes offer superior performance, easier cleaning and chip resistance for enhanced durability, ensuring you’ll be getting a dinner set that stands the test of time and one that you simply can’t bear to part with. With a fantastic range of designs you’ll have no need to look anywhere else—our range of materials, styles and finishes ensures there’s something for everyone, so make sure to take a look around and you’ll find your perfect dinner set before you know it.

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