Follow the Colour Diet to Lose Weight

Some people start dieting as soon as the Christmas leftovers are gone, while others keep putting it off until the summer rolls around and it’s time to bare that bikini body. However, rather than yo-yo dieting between different fads that come along, making certain lifestyle changes may be the real key to losing weight.

Research has shown that your choice of plate can actually be a key factor in how much food you consume. As well as thinking about size – with a bigger plate the chances are that you’ll put more food on it – colour can also be a strong influence. Dinner plates which are the same colour as the food you’re eating tend to mean larger portions, as the food blends in with its background. You could be serving yourself as much as 20% more than you would on a different coloured plate!

The theory behind this is that people will automatically fill their plate hence why switching to a smaller plate can also contribute to weight loss.  Denby’s dessert/salad plates are a great alternative to the larger dinner plates for people who are trying to cut down a little.

The key is not actually which colours you choose for your dinner service, but that it contrasts with the food put on it. Consequently, rather than having plenty of different coloured crockery, you may wish to choose a dinner service which has a colour which doesn’t correspond to much of your regular diet. Choosing a green dinner service, such as our Regency Green range, may even encourage you to pile your plate high with vegetables and salad!

Our Denby tableware is available in many different colours, but if you’re hoping to lose weight, our Imperial Blue range might be best suited, as not many food items are coloured blue. Research has also shown that the colour blue can help to reduce your appetite, rather than warmer colours such as yellow or orange, which can stimulate it. Although this does depend on the colours of the food placed on the dish.

As well as plate colour and size, there are other tricks you can employ to get you eating more of the right kinds of things. Obviously, the more healthy food and the less junk food you can consume, the better your diet, but how can you make the healthy stuff more appealing? Again, it’s about colour contrast. Studies have shown that adults prefer three different food items and three different colours on their plates, so if you make two of those items healthy options in contrasting colours, your whole dish will seem more appealing.

This train of thought has another benefit too: natural food colour is largely affected by the kinds of nutrients the food contains, so different colours mean different nutrients, giving you a greater variety in your diet.

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