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Denby China – A Brief History

Denby is a true British success story. Since their inception in the early 1800s, they have grown into one of the most well respected china and stoneware brands in the world. In their over 200 years of business, Denby has constantly evolved, moving from creating classically beautiful pottery to high-quality cast iron pans and kitchenware [...]
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Continental chic with Denby china

There’s an authentic, pared-down elegance to Europe’s kitchens- particularly in France, Spain and Italy- which is noticeably lacking in Britain. While the cause appears to be a profusion of space-guzzling energy-saving gadgets and cheap accessories, the truth is that these are only a symptom. The wider problem is, of course, the fact that we Brits [...]
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Adapting Our Business

Thankfully, the founders of Denby pottery were either thoughtful enough or lucky enough to get into a business with a long term future. Ceramics are essential to our everyday lives, although their form has changed to meet the needs of contemporary lifestyles and Denby has adapted to these changing needs whilst maintaining their core values [...]
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